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Building the Dream

Biulding our Luxury lodges

As we have had quite a lot of interest in how we went about constructing our lodges we thought we would give some more detail about how we went about it.  We have even had someone drive down from Skye as they wanted to see our buildings.


 When we came up with the idea of building some Luxury Lodges we always had it in our head that we wanted to be somewhere we would be proud to take our family and friends. 


Initially we looked at buying pre-made lodges that come on a lorry and you simply bolt them together on site.  Having visited a number of suppliers in the UK we decided this was not for us as we wanted ours to be more bespoke and something that offers more space inside. 

We also wanted our Luxury Lodges to look more modern than what's in the market.  Lucky for us we have an amazing local architect Lindsey Evans 

We are always learning!

When we built our first two lodges we thought we would simply build everything from scratch on the site.

This seemed a good idea in summer but by the time we got around to building it in the winter, it was really challenging for our tradesmen William and Craig.

Thankfully Craig came up with the idea for the second two lodges that we would build them offsite in sections and then put them together when the weather was much kinder.


This was a much better way of building them and the photo you can see was what we were able to put up in one day! 

Putting up our Starlink Internet

Use the right bolts


I always like to try and get involved where I can, however, there is a reason we use expert tradesmen!


After going on youtube I thought I had figured out how to install the new Starlink dish.  Sadly for me, I had used the wrong bolts and I came up the next day to find the dish on the ground!

Thankfully William our joiner was able to rescue it for me and it's working fine still!

Behind the scenes


Below is a number of videos of our lodges video which show the lodge about 6 weeks from being finished. 


You can see there is still a lot of boarding to do and also the air-sourced pump going in.  This is the first time we have put an air-sourced pump and our lodges and we were a little worried about it working.  It took a little time to get the rooms balanced correctly as the family room seemed to get too hot! 

You can also see the amount of insolation that's gone into the lodge to keep everyone cosy!

Sorry about the rambling commentary from me on some of the videos I was clearly just glad it was getting there! 

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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The lodge is just about done!

The lodge is just about done!

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Floor down!

Floor down!

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Under floor heating going in

Under floor heating going in

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