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At Carrick Beach, laughter dances on the breeze as children play joyfully in the sparkling sea. Against the backdrop of sun-kissed sands and azure waters, their carefree spirits illuminate the scene with boundless energy and pure delight. With each splash and giggle, they create cherished memories against the backdrop of nature's grandeur. Carrick Beach, with its pristine beauty and endless horizons, serves as the perfect playground for these moments of uninhibited joy. Here, amidst the soothing rhythm of the waves and the warm embrace of the sun, every splash becomes a testament to the magic of childhood and the timeless allure of the sea.

We love going on holidays, and for me spending time with family and friends is always one of the highlights of the year. The issue we always find is that a lot of so-called Luxury Self-catering Lodges end up being not that great when you get there. ​

That is why when we set out with the idea of doing our luxury lodges we had the simple aim of doing something we would want to stay ourselves. ​

I am sure we don't always get everything just right but are always looking for feedback on how we can make our lodges even more special for our guests.

Lodges for all! ​

When started building our lodges we wanted to make sure they were for everyone. Lottie is a trained OT and it's something we are both passionate about so we wanted to try and make the lodges as accessible as possible. ​

That is why all of our lodges have ramps to enter the lodges. We also have wide doorways to make it easier for someone in a wheelchair. ​

All of our Luxury lodges also have walk-in showers with low-profile trays.

We have also tried to make the rooms as wide as possible so that they are easy to get around.

Exterior view of our completed luxury lodges, nestled amidst nature's embrace. Architectural finesse meets natural beauty as the lodge stands as a testament to elegance and harmony with the surroundings. Impeccably crafted, the facade exudes timeless charm, inviting guests to unwind in the lap of luxury amid serene landscapes. From lush greenery to majestic vistas, every angle promises a captivating escape for those seeking solace in unparalleled comfort.

Buying Local

We are really blessed that within the local area, we have some fantastic lodge suppliers producing some fantastic local products.

All of our blinds and beds have come from Gowens in Castle Douglas, the blinds are handmade and of great quality. ​

The biscuits in your welcome pack come from Ivrin bakery and we try and source as much as possible from the local area.


Luxury self Catering Lodges

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